Judy Eisenstat

I am extremely blessed to be serving as an art and elementary education instructor at TCCA. I firmly believe in the importance of a Biblically based education for our youth. We need to equip our Christian children to boldly serve, witness and be ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ. My prayer is that we would be instrumental in preparing our future leaders to stand for God’s truths.

I am a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and the Academy of Fine Arts where I received a degree in Fine Arts. My husband Paul and I have been residents in Aiken for 32 years We have two grown children of whom we are very proud.

I worked in the Aiken Area 1 Public Schools for 10 years as a substitute teacher in 4K through 12 grade, and a paraprofessional in special education and 4K programs.

The staff and administration are honored to prepare God’s blessed children to carry out His goal to spread the gospel. Please join us to pray and support TCCA as we serve this community and worldwide missions.