The TCCA Chorus Club has been invited to sing the national anthem at the Green Jackets baseball game on Tuesday, May 21st. Game time is 7:05 PM. Come out and support the Chorus Club! Tickets are available here.


Who We Are

Town Creek Christian Academy exists to partner with like-minded families to provide a quality Christian Education that is rooted in the Biblical worldview. Our mission is to equip students to seek, serve and share the Truth. We provide Christ-centered, academically excellent education to answer the Lord's exhortation in Romans 12:2: "Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is good, pleasing and perfect will of God."

Lion Proud

  • My daughter has matured in so many ways at TCCA. She is responsible with doing her homework and is having a great time with the other kids and staff at TCCA. She thinks of them as her family. Thank you to those who have worked so hard to bring our children closer to the Lord.

    My daughter likes to be with the different ages of students for lunch time and other classes. We also like the block schedule for middle school and high school. It gives the students different subjects to switch to in the middle of the year. It gives them more time in the classroom each day.

    Last summer, my daughter was very reluctant to attend TCCA because it was very different than what she was used to. But now, she loves it and wouldn't go anywhere else. - Vickie Smith

    We’re very happy with the staff and faculty at TCCA. Our son is not only receiving a great academic education but he is also growing in Christ. His knowledge and application of scripture is very impressive. This is due in large part to the bible study that’s part of the curriculum as well as the christian teachers here at TCCA. - Greg & Karen Derrick

  • I don't even know where to start; This is my children's first year out of public schools. It has been the best decision I have ever made; they are excelling at every subject and learning everything they need for their future in a biblical environment. My daughter enjoys all her teachers and speaks very highly of them. All the staff and teachers at TCCA and TCCAP are outstanding. They love and care for each and every student at the school. I am one proud and happy mother and have no regrets since putting them in TCCA. Not to mention my 2 youngsters are in the preschool as well. I have one drop off in the mornings and one pick up in the afternoons. GO LIONS! - Jocelin Stevens

    I love the energy in this school from the teachers and staff. They are excited to teach and the kids are excited to learn. This is an amazing Biblical world view learning environment and it is evident that the Holy Spirit is working in and through it. - Kristen Eagerton

  • I can say that I go to work with an open heart and teach with all my love. I love my students and believe they love me too. I share my knowledge and culture with passion. My students happily enjoy my classes and show me how much they are learning about a foreign language. All the administrators and teachers put their knowledge and heart in every teaching experience. Even when they discipline the student I can tell they do it with love and respect. I have always felt welcomed and feel proud to be part of that wonderful community of parents, students, and staff. Since I met Pastor Clint and Mrs. Avent, I could perceive the kindness and love in their eyes and their heart, I told myself, Alba, finally you found the place you were looking for to grow in the love of God and to grow as a professional too. Today, one year after, I can say that I was right and I thank God for leading me to TCCA that day. I couldn’t be more grateful and happier. May God always bless TCCA! - Mrs. Jefferson, Spanish Teacher

  • When you love God first, His love just seems to pour out to others around you! TCCA is an amazing school and preschool. God has gifted us great facilities. And allowed our fabulous faculty, and outstanding students and their parents to become a real family working together to love God, serve Him, and train the next generation to live for Him. Love those Lions!! - Mrs. Hughes, 3rd Grade

    TCCA has been a huge blessing for our family. When my daughter started her 10th grade year, she was withdrawn and quiet. She is now outgoing, confident, involved with the church youth group, strong in her faith, and is excelling academically. - Sandra Hunt